Moon, DaddyIn keeping with recapping the year 2013 with images, I am posting Reuter’s photos of 2013. As an educator it is important to authenticate the sources that you use. So based on my readings I have come to believe the Reuter’s has established itself as a first rate international reporting agency. Reuter’s photographers have been known to put their lives in jeopardy in order to get the picture. I guess you can call this a passion for their craft.

What I truly like about these images are the narrative the photographers gives for their photos. They set the context for which the image was captured. Click on ‘view all images’ to get the photographers narrative and a scroll of all 93 images.

Some of the images are very graphic. One would think why they would be selected to be “Best photos of the year.” As rough and uncomfortable as some may be, a story is being told. Who are we to edit one’s story?

Let the images make you think, reflect, discuss, learn and be open.

And for all who wonder how this can fit into your instruction, I can truly see these images being used to get a deeper understanding and “practice” of close reading. Reading level not an issue.

Click on image or body of text to go to photos.

Angela Alexander, educator, lover of learning!