homeworkQuestion: Is having an established routine for doing homework at home important? All teachers will answer with, YES!

From kindergarten to their senior year in high school, a child will be in school for 13 years. On the average there are approximately 180 days in a school year. If  assignments are given every day for next 13 years, a student will have to contend with homework for 2,340 days of their life. That’s not including weekends.

Having a consistent homework routine develops essential traits that will allow for a child to be successful throughout their academic career and beyond. Self confidence, responsibility and discipline are just a few. So how can we help parents help their children?

The following articles give parents tips on establishing homework routines and developing their child’s independence. Establishing routines are not easy. Consistency is the key. And at the core of consistency are purpose, patience and time.

Please share these tips with your parents during parent conferences, newsletters, PTA meetings, or your school/class website. If you have other resources, please share.

Angela Alexander, educator, lover of learning