"Calender With Pen" by digitalartWe just completed the first month of 2014. Listed below in categories are the articles that I have posted to my site in the month of January. I hope you find them useful in your instructional practice.

Visual Literacy/Close Reading

Are Our Children Riding Safely on the Internet Superhighway?

Reuters Best photos of the year 2013: Reading with Images


ReadWorks : Newest Free STEM Reading Comprehension Resources

Social Studies/Primary Sources

The Revolution was Televised: The Use of Primary Sources in Learning and Teaching about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights Movement

“I think if we had lost King that day, the whole civil rights era could have been different” Dr. W.V. Cordice Jr., 94, a Surgeon Who Helped Save Dr. King, Dies

Need a ticket to the 2014 Winter Olympics?


What Do You Know About the Polar Vortex?

What’s the Difference Between a Snowstorm and a Blizzard? |National Geographic


Are Our Children Riding Safely on the Internet Superhighway?

Behavior Management/Administration

‘Zero-Tolerance’ Proven To Be Intolerant

iMentor: On the mission of building relationships


Question: Is having an established routine for doing homework at home important?

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