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For those of us who came up the ranks from teacher to administrator, we may see ourselves as instructional specialist than administrators. Even though I believe an effective instructional leader is one of the most valuable traits an education administrator should have, others may have arguments against it. One thing for sure is all administrators should be aware of their style of leadership.

Daniel Goldman, internationally known psychologist and author of the New York Times bestseller Emotional Intelligence, writes in his article “Leadership That Gets Results”, six different styles of leadership. The styles are:


  • Coercive leaders demand immediate compliance.
  • Authoritative leaders mobilize people toward a vision.
  • Affiliative leaders create emotional bonds and harmony.
  • Democratic leaders build consensus through participation.
  • Pacesetting leaders expect excellence and self-direction.
  • Coaching leaders develop people for the future.

Daniel Goldman goes on to say, “The best leaders don’t know just one style of leadership – they are skilled at several, and have the flexibility to switch between styles as the circumstances dictate.”


Which leadership style or blend do you posses?