Meet the Gangster Gardner, Ron Finley, from South Central, LA. This revolutionary, visionary man took on the local municipalities  in order to plant food gardens around vacant lots and parkways owned by the city of Los Angeles without being issued citations and threatened with warrants for arrest. Armed with his vision for “food dessert” communities to grow, harvest and eat healthy foods, Ron and his group, L.A. Green Grounds put up a petition on and accumulated 900 signatures.  They were victorious! The city that leads the nation in vacant lots, now have over 20 “food forests” with fruit trees and vegetables in communities that are riddled with fast food restaurants and liquor stores.

Ron labels himself as an artist and gardening is his graffiti. Soil is his cloth and the plants and tress are his embellishments to the cloth.

His mission is for all of us to become eco-lutionary renegades, gangsta gardeners that uses shovels as the weapon of choice.

Listen to this down- to- earth man who is changing the turf of LA. Get ready to be informed and inspired.