With forty-three states, District of Columbia and four territories adopting the Common Core Standards, what students should be able do at each grade level should become standard. States have posted the standards to their department of education websites. However, how students will achieve these standards is still in question. Establishing a suggested curriculum frameworks, scope and sequence or model of instruction will inform the community what students will be learning and the resources used to achieve these standards.  Some states have developed curriculum maps but most either have not developed maps or have not made them visible to the public.

Below is a map of the United States with links to each state education departments and or their curriculum maps. Also provided is information  on whether PARCC or Smarter Balance are used for their assessments.

While researching the states education websites the following came to light:

  • Most states curriculum maps are not posted
  • Few states are providing links to grade level curriculum frameworks
  • Education websites for New York and Massachusetts were filled with information
  • New York  and Tennessee have a separate site dedicated for their curriculum frameworks
  • Some states are using additional web resources like Livebinders and Pinterest to organize their resources

Click on the map or link to explore states and their curriculum frameworks.