wpid-Featured_Picture417-620x413So many students are either delayed or denied special education services during their educational journey for a multitude of reasons. Such that I have experienced are schools either do not have in place protocols in identifying concerns; teachers are either reluctant or do not know how to identify possible concerns; districts resources are limited in offering testing or services to identified students. Whatever the case, when one focuses solely on the student and the impact of what a high quality education will play in their life, it is my belief as education professionals to have protocols in place to help struggling students.


Even though there are different models of RTI, the RTI Action Network has released a Response to Intervention Based and Specific Learning Disabilities Toolkit based on the best practices related to a RTI-based SLD identification process. According to their website, it is their vision that school systems develop structures to ensure that the identification process for specific learning disabilities facilitates decision making about instructional decisions to improve outcomes for students.

This is a valuable resource that every teacher, building and district administrator should review. This website also offer other information and resources related to learning disabilities. Any new teacher as well as seasoned education veterans can benefit from this site. Bookmarking this site as well as subscribing to their newsletter will definitely add to your professional and personal learning networks.


RTI Toolkit