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black studentMy Survival Tip #11 referred to the BED label which encompassed a wide range of behavioral issues.  The most obvious characteristic of my kids was their race and gender.  Black boys.  Had their behavior in a “regular” classroom been outrageous?  Yes.  Had they bitten and kicked and punched their way to placement in my room?  Some of them.  Had many of them been physically and sexually abused?  Yes.  Were they the worst behaved kids in their class?  Often, but during my pre-placement observations, I saw white kids with some of the same behaviors.  Did they have parents who were strong advocates for them?   No.  Did they “see” themselves or their culture reflected in school?  Yes, by custodians, cooks, and some assistants.  One of my kids was the son of our custodian.   Did they have significant reading and writing problems?  Yes.  All of them.  

OK, that was “back in the day,”…

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