Technology in Classroom1. Coming to class prepared

Never one to be satisfied with traditional, time-tested educational approaches, Matthew Stoltzfus started experimenting with Flipped Learning in 2012. At the time, this general chemistry teacher at The Ohio State University in Columbus, Oh., was looking for a way to break out of the traditional notes/lecture method of teaching his 2-semester class. “I began looking into ways to improve instruction,” Stoltzfus recalled, “and learned about the flipped classroom/peer instruction model being used by Eric Mazur at Harvard.”

After researching the methods that Mazur was using, Stoltzfus started making content – both online videos and textbook material – available to students before they came into class. He also incorporated pre-lecture assignments, an online homework system called “mastering chemistry,” and a polling system (which allows him to see who is and isn’t prepared for class) into the mix. His ultimate objective is to have students review content and gain some understanding of it before class.

“I can then give them a poll question in class to get a gauge on where they are,” he explained, “and how fast I can move through the lower-level content to get to the more complex topics.”

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