Amariyanna “Mari” Copeny (2007- ), a third-grade student from Flint, Michigan, is the current Little Miss Flint. She wants to someday become Miss America and a police officer. She is best known for writing President Obama about the Flint Water Crisis.

She says the water in Flint smells like bleach or old fish, that if you take a shower for more than two minutes you get bad rashes and stuff. She gave a speech about the crisis and made a YouTube video too. She has marched in protest and helped to give out bottled water. She appeared at the #JusticeForFlint concert.


In March 2016 she wrote President Obama:

Mr. President,

Hello my name is Mari Copeny and I’m 8 years old, I live in Flint, Michigan and I’m more commonly known around town as “Little Miss Flint”. I am one of the children that is effected by this water, and I’ve…

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